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Hope That Changes

Remembering the Final Days of the Obama Quadrennium

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ALERT: Now all three of Scott Ott’s satire ebooks, including the new “Hope That Changes,” are available for just 99-cents each. Download all three today at Amazon.com.

As the White House staff start packing boxes for the long trip back to Chicago, it’s time to review the final year of the Obama era through the eyes of America’s leading family-friendly satirist.

Scott Ott, anchor of the 3-minute satirecast ‘PJ News Break with Scott Ott“, creator of ScrappleFace.com and author of “Laughing at Obama: Volume I” and “Our Fickle Constitution,” brings down the curtain on the man who will soon boast that he was America’s greatest one-term president. Torn from the TelePrompTer of Scott Ott’s thrice-weekly show, “Hope That Changes” lets you relive the past year…laughing this time, instead of just grinding your teeth.

But ‘Hope That Changes’ is so much more than just the history of the president’s final year of work — both on and off the golf course, behind the TelePrompTer and in front of the 84-inch LCD screen during March Madness.

It’s a virtual quotidian chronicle of U.S. and global news from September 2011 through August 2012 — including in-depth satirical coverage of the state-by-state presidential primary process, the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare ruling, the economic crisis at home and abroad, Occupy Wall Street, the “War on Women,” the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal, Arizona’s immigration-law battle, the Keystone XL pipeline, Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker recall vote, Curiosity’s Mars mission, the Facebook IPO, the Solyndra scandal, the Koran-burning riots, Kim Jong-Un’s ascent to power, the Syrian crackdown, the “Arab Spring” uprisings, Iran’s nuke program, and also important issues surrounding the Miss Universe Pageant, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, and Taylor Swift.

It’s available right now for just $.99, exclusively for Amazon Kindle. (Amazon Prime Members will find this selection in the Kindle Lending Library.) While you’re at it, pick up Kindle copies of “Laughing at Obama: Volume I” and “Our Fickle Constitution.”

Our Fickle Constitution

A Guide to the Preamble of That Ever-Changing, Quaint & Curious Charter

Our Fickle Constitution by Scott Ott, MacMenamin Press

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Scott Ott strikes again! The conservative satirist who lampooned the 44th president in”Laughing at Obama: Volume I,” takes on the Liberal/Progressive/Leftist advocates of a “living Constitution” in his new mini-book, available now in Kindle, iBook and NOOK editions for just $.99.

This phrase-by-phrase analysis of the Preamble will not only bring you laughter, but insight into the minds of scholars, politicians and other creative readers of what Barack Obama called a “charter of negative liberties.”

Download a sample chapter free at Amazon, in the iBookstore, or at Barnes & Noble.

NOTE: Scott Ott is also creator, writer and host of the 20-part, non-satirical video series on the making of the Constitution called “Freedom’s Charter” at PJTV.com.

Laughing at Obama: Volume I

Scott Ott, acclaimed family-friendly satirist and author of Axis of Weasels (MacMenamin Press, 2004), brings you a collection of his best faux journalism to chronicle the rise and further rising of America’s historical 44th president, Barack [expletive deleted]* Obama.

Laughing at Obama: Volume I

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Laughing at Obama: Volume I gives Barack Obama what he so richly deserves, and it makes the perfect gift for the conservative you love, the Republican you adore, the Democrat you tolerate, or the liberal you’re potty training. It’s available right now in Kindle, iPad/iPhone, and nook editions.

Author Scott Ott anchors and writes ‘PJ News Break with Scott Ott,” a thrice-weekly, 3-minute satirecast of the days news, co-hosts the news commentary and humor show, Trifecta on PJTV thrice weekly. Best known for his satire site, ScrappleFace.com (News Fairly Unbalanced. We Report. You Decipher.), Scott Ott’s political humor has been read on air by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Roger Hedgecock, Lars Larson and dozens of radio hosts nationwide. His writing has been featured in The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, PajamasMedia.com, and linked on thousands of websites and blogs, including InstaPundit.com, Best of the Web Today, The Corner at National Review, MichelleMalkin.com, AnnCoulter.com, HughHewitt.comRightWingNews.com, and Powerlineblog.com. ScrappleFace also received praise in Hewitt’s book Blog as well as Eric Anderson’s South Park Conservatives.

Buy Laughing At Obama Now While It’s Still Legal

If you’re not convinced that this is the most important book you bought this year, well, then you seem like the kind of sensible person who could use a laugh. Download a sample chapter, or just order the book now.

* The president’s middle name is considered inappropriate speech, and has been deleted here to protect the innocent.

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